Monday, 28 June 2010

Just another morning shot.

@ Tasek Merimbun. Its been a while...


Monday, 21 June 2010

Monday, 14 June 2010

service to pasang astro.

who want to install astro... $20 ringgit saja... boleh bawa jalan2 janji wire nya panjang..... kerita surung not termasuk lah.... wire dalam rumah usai sendiri... hehehehe....

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Peace of Mind


Tuesday, 8 June 2010

The Birth of A Star

To our dearest Controller Fadillah,

There is this saying...
If lovers are like moon and brothers are like stars, then i have noticed that the sky looks good without moon but not without stars i.e. YOU

Happy Birthday Brother!
**From all of us especially Shift C**

We are missing Irman, Sufri, Azi, Madi, Masran, Syafiq & the cabin guys in the picture.

** To Kevin, Thanx for the cake! We love it!

When three is not a crowd...

Swift Aerobatic Display Team.

Silent Twister ( Homebuilt aircraft)

P-51 Mustang Supercharger

taken from the recent airshow in Perth,
comment and critiques please.

Thanks. =)

Saturday, 5 June 2010